Back to School - Kid Approved Naked Nuggets

One of the things I wish I could include in The Whole Box is an air fryer. There, I put it out there. It has truly been a game changing item for us in our TWB kitchen both at home and in the office where we get to test out the items before we put them in the box for you.


Indulge me while I go on a love note to my Philips Air Fryer and our September Box item – Not Ketchup’s Fruitchup. So Philips, let’s make some magic work and do a giveaway – I’m putting it out there in the universe to make it happen.


Last week I found myself at home with two kids and running from activity to activity on top of running our three businesses (oh yes, 3). What to do while trying to wrangle two kids into a bathtub after their swim team practice? We made the easiest Naked Nuggets and garlicky green beans (inspired by the Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook). My kids ended up eating so many nuggets and continue to ask for a repeat of this meal.


Naked Nuggets

1 lb. chicken breast (or tenders) or thighs. Use what you have

2 tsp Salt & Pepper ea. (or you can use the M Salt that was found in the July Box)

Bowl or Ziplock Baggie


  1. Cut chicken into one inch pieces or desired length. Place in a ziplock bag or bowl.
  2. Sprinkle and mix chicken with salt & pepper or desired seasoning. Allow to sit for 6-8 hours, preferably overnight. Or if you’re in a pinch, just mix it.
  3. Heat up air fryer to the temperature that is designated for chicken, for the Philips HD9240 it’s at 360. Pop pieces of chicken in and press “play” for 8 minutes. Lay chicken flat– do not layer the chicken, this will not allow for a crispy chicken.
  4. Once your 8 minutes are done, flip the chicken and cook for another 8 minutes or until chicken is cooked to 165 degrees.


Plate it up! Enjoy! 

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