June Round Recap

It’s taken a few days for me to compile my thoughts on my latest Whole30 journey not because it was tough (it really wasn’t) but I’m currently on “Summer Hours” meaning I forgot to make plans for my children.


So the nitty gritty.

Day 0 – I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. This was my third round. I went vegan a few years ago and realized I was relying so much on fruit and the stevia dragon. I also love a good challenge and when one of my employees was doing Whole30, I got a bit jealous. Was I ready to give up my veganism? Was I ready to do a switch in my life? Was I ready to say bye to the sugar dragon? The answer is yes to all of the above. So off I went to get my journal and menu plan for the next week.

Week 1 –

I didn’t start the way most people do (first of the month) because I like to throw more stress on myself and forgetting what day I’m on. I began on the 14thof May, which I knew was going to throw in some tests with preschool & kindergarten graduations along with kids being home for the summer. I was ready though. I went in with all of the fire that I was excited to go with. I am an avid fitness junkie so I knew that I wanted to incorporate strength training into my round. So I went to what I love – spin class and joined my mother in law and her friends at their boutique gym.

For breakfast (because I know you all want to know about the food) I’m a creature of habit. I have to admit I had a ton of spinach, peppers, onions, and either eggs or sausage. Literally, every single day. I’m ok with this. I would throw in some sweet potatoes but sometimes I would forget. Throw on some avocado and all was good. I’m normally a big meal prepper but I was in full throttle baseball schedule mode and I just didn’t have time on Sundays to meal prep. I also began every morning with Four Sigmatic coffee blend with collagen and added some Tiny Little Chef Inflammation Buster to that mix. 

Lunch: almost always I lived off of what I like to call “sexy salads”. I also work in the tech industry so I needed something that I could eat, enjoy, read some personal development with. I did lettuce wraps and jar salads like my life depended on them. I am also a giant lover of leftovers. So many of my meals were just carry overs from the night before.


Dinner: My favorite meal of the day – this is where I shine, however I was still in the throes of baseball and my kids. We fell in love with Aidelle’s Chicken Sausage this week – super simple, super quick to eat. We also did NomNom Paleo’s Kalua Pork. Did I mention that our kids mostly ate compliant meals as well?


In order to not keep this super long, I’ll be posting week x week recaps. I’ll also be doing another round come July 1st. Yes, you heard this. Compliant 4thof July and my birthday on the 9th. Share – what helped you on your round? Are you currently in a round?

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