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(From an actual text of Ivy with her husband - the struggle is real)

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A few months ago I came to Ivy, our content writer & helps curate the boxes, to join me (Melanie) on a round. Ivy has worked with me for a year by this time so this was the ultimate test of wills (or she just wanted to help out her boss with content). Below is her experience with a June Round. Share with your friends.      



How I Unexpectedly Did Round


“I need you to look up compliant products,” my boss said.


Sure, I can do that. I have no idea what “Round” is, but Google is my best friend, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Several hours later, I had a list of about five dozen foods and two pages of my notebook filled with rules and shopping lists.


“Babe, I am thinking about trying Round,” I told my husband that night.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“It’s an elimination diet. For thirty days, you eliminate foods that are known to cause health issues, like sugar, dairy, gluten, legumes, etc. Then you reintroduce them and see how you feel. I wonder if my red dots are caused by gluten,” I answered.


Ever since I can remember, I have had little red dots on my forearms. I googled it up and found out the condition is called keratosis pilarisor, commonly referred to as, chicken skin. Dr. Google says the cause for this condition is unknown, but people have been telling me for years that it likely has something to do with gluten. At this point, it had gotten bad and it was annoying me a lot and I was – finally – ready to see if kicking gluten makes a difference.


The following day, I told my boss that I was considering giving it a go and she was supportive of the idea. We decided to start after the Easter weekend, together. I will be doing the regular program and she was to follow the plant-based modification of the round.


Sticking to The Program is Easy, but Starting Is Hard


My first trip to the store took me about 2.5 hours. I had to read the label of every single item that I placed in my shopping cart. I spend nearly 15 minutes looking for compliant turkey breast lunch meat. I had no idea that there’s gluten in meat! At one point, I stopped googling ingredients and reading the labels and simply decided to search for “whole 30 compliant turkey meat”, but that honestly did not help me much, because the store had such a large selection that it took a while to find the recommended manufacturer.


The process continued like this for, well, everything. Even with the fresh produce, I was not still familiar with the rules and I kept checking if I could have this or that. Usually, the answer was yes, but it was annoying. And so, my thirty days began.


The most annoying thing was the amount of time I spent in the kitchen! I am, admittedly, not a great cook. Yes, I cook and we eat, but I do not enjoy spending my time cooking. I certainly do not enjoy doing the dishes! And let me tell you, there. Are. So. Many. Dishes. I felt like I was constantly in the kitchen! Not only did I have to deal with having breakfast, but it also had to get made! I now understand why meal prepping is a thing. I may have to do another round with meal prepping and see how that goes.


My thirty days slowly passed. Half way through the round I saw this “round calendar” thing in one of the Facebook groups and the thing was pretty spot on! It says that around days 12-14 you will dream of junk food. I did do that. On day 13, I woke up and told my husband I had the best crepes with Nutella in my dream and woke up panicking about messing up my diet! The creepiest thing is, I saw the calendar about 5 days later. It was like reading an old horoscope and realizing they got it all right.


The Results Were Not Quite What I Wanted


Since the scale is off limits during Round, you are forced to focus on other benefits of the program. I went down a pant size. My skin was clearer. I was waking up easier in the morning, even though I went cold turkey on coffee. And, other than one afternoon early in my round, I was not hungry. I felt I was eating a good amount of food, and, somehow, I still lost 6% of my bodyweight in only 30 days.


While my face did benefit from my nutrition, I can’t report my keratosis pilaris went away. It got a little bit better for sure, but it is still there. I am not sorry, though, because perhaps I did not get what I wanted from the program, but I did get what I needed. The program forced me to face my own weight issues, which I was avoiding professionally. It was sort of a kick-start that was long overdue and it moved my life to a healthier track.


Could it to the same for you? I don’t know. I do think it’s worth giving it a shot. You have nothing to lose from eating healthy, and with the amazing powers of internet, you can even do all your shopping from a couch. In fact, if you subscribe to the Whole Box, we can do some of your shopping for you! 

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