Put me in, Coach!

You’ve circled the date. You are ready to embark on your first Whole30 aka your first round. The anxiety begins to weigh in and all of a sudden you find yourself second guessing your menu planning and meal prep. That’s it – you count yourself out before you even begin your round. Maybe you’re actually about to go deep into your 5th, 10th, you forgot how many # round. Sound familiar?


But wait, it doesn’t have to! Here come the coaches! At The Whole Box we’ve been so lucky to befriend some really wonderful Whole30 Coachesthrough multiple platforms. We’ve spent the last few months going into the depths of what they provide as a resource to your round.


Coaches provide first hand, in-person (some in digital format) support for your Whole30 journey and life after. They are the experts with so much experience behind them as they assist others going through the reset and helping them realize their attachments to things that aren’t bringing out their fullest potential. Some coaching can occur one on one (depending on state law, and in accordance with their scope of practice).


Some even hold different professional designations in the health and wellness industries that will allow them to really target medial, dietary, or therapeutic treatment along with their Whole30 support (Whole30 Coach About Page).


So why? Well – there will be roadblocks. This is normal. You are literally breaking up with your horrible habits that have driven you to where you’re at now. Think about it this way, Serena Williams knows it’s going to be hard to play tennis – she has a coach. Don’t you want to be Serena? These amazing individuals help you really find what your roadblocks are and can create huge shifts in your mind to get your relationship with food to be a beautiful one rather than the roller coaster you may have found yourself in. Maybe you have specific goals (hello Serena tennis game!), maybe you stumble at a certain stage in your round and need that support. Or maybe you really want to do this on a budget and you just have no idea where to start. A coach can help you maneuver through all of these situations that arise throughout your round.


You’re more than welcome to comb through the website to find one near you or go find them online.



Whole30 Dallas Duo


Andrea Overturf


Debbie Marlowe

Jacob Heath

Whitney Stuart


Disclaimer: I am currently going through the Dallas Duo September Whole30. I’ve received emotional support from Andrea & Whitney in the September Whole30.

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